Watch: Outstanding Pre-Fight Canelo vs Chavez Jr Documentary

The pre-fight Canelo vs Chavez Jr documentary doesn’t disappoint here – conveying just how much pride and dislike is involved.

Cinco De Mayo weekend in Las Vegas is being described as a ‘bloodbath’ by promoter Oscar De La Hoya. He could very well be right.

Mexican pride will be on the line at the biggest of stages at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas come May 6th. Fights like this mean a lot more than just sport for the country of Mexico.

Honor and pride will take precedence but on top of that you also have a genuine dislike between the two fighters in the mix too.

Canelo’s team have been vocal in the build-up about thinking that Chavez Jr has had an easy ride in his career and has been living off the fruits of his father’s labor, Chavez Sr.

Chavez Jr has voiced his thoughts on how he thinks Canelo is more interested in being a superstar than a fighter.

Come May 6th, both guys will be able to settle their differences the good old fashioned way.

Canelo appears to be a slight favorite starting out but make no mistake, this is a 50/50 fight. Chavez Jr has trained ferociously for this and wants to win.


This Canelo vs Chavez Jr documentary before the fight sums up what it means to both guys excellently. Enjoy:

(Hat tip: HBO Boxing YouTube)

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