Anthony Joshua Reacts To Being Compared To Frank Bruno By Tyson Fury

Joshua reacts

Anthony Joshua reacts to Tyson Fury’s latest insults to him in a rare reaction from the usually quiet Joshua.

Love him or hate him, Tyson Fury knows how to play the media.

He knows how to get underneath people’s skin. Even fighters as usually mellow as Anthony Joshua.

Every time a Joshua fight rolls around the big man from Manchester Fury usually has a few things to say online to wind Joshua up.

‘Flex’ and ‘bodybuilder’ are the go-to terms he likes toย goes for. He doesn’t mind what people say or think about him, does Tyson Fury.

He simply lets fly without hesitation. Here is his latest jibe at Joshua today ahead of next week’s fight with Klitschko:

Classic Fury. Not unexpected either, to be fair.

I was surprised his verbals were not more plentiful recently – but he’s obviously just been waiting until right before the fight next week.

It’s the big one. Joshua vs Klitschko at Wembley in front of 90,000. Competing for some of the belts that Fury once held not long ago.

He’s surely feeling some bit of jealousy knowing Joshua is involved in one of the biggest fights in British history. Particularly given the fact Fury beat Klitschko the last time he fought.

Anthony Joshua reacts to Fury instantly on his Twitter account today – saying:

Expect Fury to be indeed sitting up near ringside come April 29th. I wouldn’t be surprised if he storms the ring in the post-fight interviews.

Expect more from Fury to come like the above, too.

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Fury and Joshua could make for entertaining viewing one day (hat tip David Grey YouTube):