More Anthony Joshua Sparring Stories Emerge

Tyson Fury has gone on the offensive verbally and has leaked some more Anthony Joshua sparring stories behind the scenes.

Sparring is sparring. Stories from behind a closed gym should really stay there but alas, in professional fighting they just never do.

The respect between professional boxers that exists is as strong as any in sports behind the scenes. Sparring forms a crucial part of training camps and is often pivotal for a boxer getting ready for a certain style of opponent.

When you hear another boxer talking about another one’s sparring tales, you know there’s a bit of needle between the two.

Anthony Joshua has proven in my opinion that he can take a punch as a pro. Dillian Whyte caught him flush on the chops on more than a few occasions a couple of years back.

Anthony Joshua sparring stories have been flying around ever since he turned pro.

Heavyweight David Price from Liverpool commented last year that he knocked Joshua out in sparring. Perhaps solely in an effort to drum up interest in a fight.

Price was subsequently TKO’d by Christian Hammer in February of this year.

Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has spoken of fresh Anthony Joshua sparring stories now. During what can only be described as a Twitter tirade Fury at one point said to Joshua:

Make of it what you will. Joshua did reply to some of Fury’s messages yesterday but has since stopped his replies.

For those not familiar with the above fighter, 31 year old Joe Joyce from London is a successful amateur heavyweight from Great Britain.

Joyce represented GB at the 2016 Olympics as well as winning bronze at the 2015 World Amateur championships. He captured Gold at the 2015 European games.

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