How Anthony Joshua Got To Where He Is Today

Anthony Joshua Potential

How Anthony Joshua got to where he is today ahead of Klitschko fight summed up in one short clip on his life.

They say who we are as a child shapes who we become as an adult.

In 1989 Anthony Joshua was born in a place called Watford in the UK. His childhood was typical of many from the geography.

Not many know that he was actually a very talented soccer player, though. Boxing came later in life.

It was a sport like so many before him that saved him from a life of crime. It offered him a way out. An opportunity to make something positive of his life through his fists.

While this story line is a common one in boxing it doesn’t in anyway diminish it’s relevance. Even in 2017. In a time of global uncertainty and chaos around the world.

Anthony Joshua on April 29th, 2017 stands on the precipice of realizing a dream. It’s the fight of his life with Wladimir Klitschko and he’ll need to be at his best.

How Anthony Joshua got to this point has been summed up by the man himself today. He has had the following short clip produced of his life’s journey on his Instagram account:

Come next week, the truth will find Anthony Joshua.

If he were to knock Wladimir Klitschko out in impressive fashion, perhaps boxing will have it’s next big marquee name heavyweight around the world.

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