Mayweather on Brook vs Spence

Mayweather Confirms McGregor

Floyd Mayweather on Brook vs Spence as the fight fast approaches between the two welterweights in the UK this May.

Floyd Mayweather is currently promoting his own stable of fighters at the moment as he hashes out final details for a long protracted Conor McGregor boxing match.

But he also knows a thing or two about Errol Spence Jr. Him and Spence have sparred in the past and Mayweather was very complimentary after the spars.

I’ve also observed Mayweather on more than one occasion being complimentary about the UK’s Kell Brook’s skillset too, saying he “can fight” multiple times.

It’s rare enough to get that kind of praise from Mayweather when it comes to boxing skills. Errol Spence Jr is being tipped as the next big American boxing star in some circles though.

Some even likening him to the next Floyd Mayweather.

Perhaps few are in a better position to give their take on his fight with Kell Brook in the division that Mayweather himself made his name in over the years.

Speaking to Slim Shady Mayweather on Brook vs Spence:

“I think Brook took a lot and it was a tough fight between him and Triple G, so I think, coming on the back of that, it’s going to be a tough fight.”

Indeed from what we’ve seen, many are tipping the American to come to the UK and win the IBF title from Brook.

Timing is everything, as they say.

What do you think? Is Brook biting off more than he can chew too soon after the Golovkin fight:

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