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Floyd Mayweather On Fighters Of Today

Floyd Mayweather on fighters around today and how they are trying to do something that is impossible. In his view.

Floyd Mayweather has been doing the media rounds quite a bit this Easter. As always, he has been in candid and colorful form in doing so.

He’s taken exception to how some boxers of today (in his opinion) think they can instantly start generating the money that he did.

Not many know before Mayweather hit the big time and became a big star after his fight with Oscar De La Hoya, for that he struggled to sell out arenas.

Sure, he was always known as an outstanding talent. But he never really got the break out fame and big pay days until after De La Hoya.

Before that for years as he refers to it ge was the ‘B-Side’. He didn’t do De La Hoya type pay per view numbers in the beginning and middle of his career.

He’s spoken at length in the past how he believed he didn’t get promoted well until he went out on his own.

Essentially when he met Al Haymon. The well known global boxing power broker who acts as a manager to a large number of professional fighters.

Speaking to Fight Hype – Mayweather on fighters of today’s times:

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