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Sad Prichard Colon Update On Fallen Warrior

Prichard Colon Update

A sad Prichard Colon update for boxing fans unfortunately on the fallen professional fighter from Puerto Rico.

The latest Prichard Colon update has come and sadly it isn’t good news.

For those not familiar with the story Prichard Colon was a highly touted undefeated professional fighter from Puerto Rico.

He was 16-0 (13KO) up until October 2015 when he fought a bout against Terrel Williams in Virginia, USA. Disaster struck that night.

During the contest Colon complained multiple times to the referee about getting hit behind the back of the head. In the ninth round of the fight he went down for the first time in his career.

Twice in the same round.

Then, bizarrely at the end of the round, Colon’s corner men thought the fight had ended and took off the boxer’s gloves. Colon was disqualified.

However tragedy was to strike later. As he returned to the locker room after complaining of feeling faint he collapsed.

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Colon was rushed to the hospital where a subdural hematoma was discovered. Emergency brain surgery was performed to try to take the pressure off his head.

But the damage was done.

ESPN’s William Weinbaum has reported this week that unfortunately Prichard Colon (age 25) will likely be in a vegetative state for the rest of his natural life.

His mother is caring for him 24 hours a day at present.

A stark reminder of the brutal realities of this sport and and how even in modern times, tragic incidents like this can still happen.

We’ve been following this story since it happened. Everyone at Boxing News and Views wishes to send their support and thoughts to Prichard Colon and his family at this difficult time.

Here is the second last fight of Prichard’s career in happier times. He scored a knockout win over Vivian Harris (hat tip PBC YouTube):