Eddie Hearn On Why Boxers Need To Stand Out And Be Different

Promoter Eddie Hearn on why boxers need to think outside of the box these days and get themselves out there more.

Many within the sport of boxing have been talking about ways to promote the sport better in the modern technology landscape.

Where pro sports across the board are as competitive as ever.

Sports fans have a bigger choice than ever before when it comes to what they want to watch. Promoter Eddie Hearn in the UK brought up in an interesting point regarding a UK boxer Ohara Davies in particular.

He also tied it in with modern day boxing and how fighters need to be different to stand out from the crowd. Speaking to James Helder of IFL TV – Hearn said:

“When Ohara Davies came into the office I said tell me you’re story. His story is inspirational but it’s the same story I’ve heard a dozen times. I was a kid on the street in a gang. Got into trouble. Detention centre. Expelled from school. Boxing saved my life. That is a story I love but I’ve also heard it 40 times. I said to him Ohara you’ve got to be different. You’ve got to carve out a personality for yourself. Be yourself but be that guy people talk about. I said go up to the salon now. Die you’re hair bleach blonde and come out to you’re next fight wearing Thomas ‘The Hitman’ Hearns shorts. He went straight up the high street and had it done. He had the shorts the next fight. That was the start of the Ohara Davies madness.”

Davies also caused a stir in recent weeks when Floyd Mayweather visited the UK. Davies confronted him here. He spoke up on how he’d beat Mayweather’s world champion Gervonta Davis.

Obviously there is a balance to be struck on what Eddie Hearn is talking about above.

In terms of preserving the traditions of a sport with a rich history. As well as incorporating the modern day WWE style sports promotion that seems to be a part of all pro sports now.

Pro sports are that at the end of the day – professional. Professional events and athletes like it or not do fall into the entertainment genre nowadays.

They always have. Perhaps it’s just more noticeable than ever before now with the advent of the internet.

For the full interview above check it out here via IFL TV YouTube (hat tip). Eddie Hearn on boxers needing to stand out and more:

Top image source and credit: Eddie Hearn Facebook profile photo