Watch: Ricky Burns Opponent Threatens Throat Slash Gesture At Weigh In

Ricky Burns opponent in this weekend’s world title fight gets up close and personal with the three-weight world champion at the weigh-in.

There has been some heated words from Ricky Burns opponent Julius Indongo this weekend already. Many felt this has belittled some of Burn’s accomplishments.

Indongo is a world champion himself and understandibly confident. He looks intent on trying to get underneath the skin of Burns ahead of this weekend’s fight.

Typically Burns has always been very solid in this department. In terms of mind games. A constant professional that never deviates from his plan usually.

A master of getting the basics right behind a ram rod jab and stiff right hand punch when he’s on.

Both fighters weighed in under the 140lbs limit today in Scotland ahead of tomorrow night’s unification bout. Ricky Burns opponent Indongo had this throat slash gesture for Burns today:

(Hat tip and credit: IFL TV YouTube)

Burns comes into the bout on the back of a four fight win streak so confidence should not be an issue. Neither will it be for Indongo who besides also being a world champion, has an undefeated record of 21-0-11KO.

The bout will take place tomorrow night at the Hydro Arena which is located in Glasgow, Scotland.

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