Watch: Graphic Close Up Slow-Mo Of What GGG Punch Felt Like For Jacobs

ggg punch

After the fight Danny Jacobs said the GGG punch wasn’t what people made it out to be beforehand. It’s hard to agree though after seeing some of them land in slow motion. The jab even looks like it had a baseball bat like impact.

Jacobs did go down once in the fight from a Golovkin attack while up against the ropes and absorbed some heavy blows throughout.

As did Golovkin from Jacobs.

After the fight, Jacobs said in the post-fight press conference that Golovkin wasn’t the knockout artist and bogeyman that the media had made him out to be.

Despite the fact Jacobs was wearing sun glasses at the post-fight press conference.

There’s no doubt that Golovkin hits hard, he didn’t own a 23 fight KO streak and the highest knockout percentage in middleweight history for nothing.

But to get a true close up feeling of the GGG punch, one fan on Twitter captured some of the blows close up as they detonate on the face of Jacobs right here:

GGG punch in slow motion

They certainly looked like solid, painful punches there.

Following the fight we posed the questions today to our readers – is the immediate rematch the right thing to do?

Most people seem to think it is.

One thing’s for sure, Danny Jacobs will be in a big fight or world title bout at middleweight again real soon after such a courageous display this past weekend.

As for Golovkin, it is thought that a unification with Billy Joe Saunders will be lined up next in the summer with the hope then afterwards, if he were to win, that the long awaited Canelo fight would happen.

This will come down to negotiations going well however.

Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo’s promoter, wasn’t exactly hopeful judging by these comments after the weekend.