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After Talking With Al Haymon Amir Khan Aiming For April or May Return

Amir Khan hoping to be back in a boxing ring sooner than expected after speaking with his adviser Al Haymon.

Khan recently was linked with a fight against Manny Pacquiao in the middle Eas that looked virtually a done deal according to him on social media.

But it never came to fruition according to Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum due to the money not been there to stage the fight.

Khan has had a turbulent last 12 months or so since losing to Canelo Alvarez in May of 2015.

Probably the most devastating knockout defeat of his career at the newly opened (at the time) T-Mobile Arena that night in Vegas.

He’s also had to contend with various problems outside the ring, including family issues between his parents and wife and also recently some property business interests of Khan’s have been reported to have not gone well.

But there’s no denying Khan’s heart and will to take on tough challenges. No matter what anyone says about him. Perhaps his heart and courage have worked against him at times.

He’s faced plenty of tough opposition in his career if you go back over the names on his resume. Granted, the Kell Brook fight hasn’t happened yet, but Khan in general has faced some of the best names of his era that he could.

He even chased the Mayweather fight for about two years only to be led on a wild goose chase in the end.

Now he’s planning a comeback to the ring with an opponent announcement expected soon: