Report: Early GGG vs Jacobs PPV Buys Numbers Start To Come In

The early GGG vs Jacobs PPV buys figure is starting to come in. It’s evoked a mixed response overall to the numbers so far.

We all know that the Mayweather vs Pacquiao type pay per view numbers of 4.5 million plus in 2015 were a once off. But the pay per view market (in general) since the fight seems to be consistently on the decline.

Not because boxing is on the decline though. Which it clearly isn’t.

More so that pay per view itself looks to be on the decline in the modern technology era. A time where less and less fans are shelling out for it.

The pay per view numbers in the UK are always said publicly to do very well. But what do we really know about them?

I wouldn’t be surprised if these pay per view numbers have been on slight decline (overall) in recent years too.

Unless it’s an Anthony Joshua fight or what have you.

The pay per view model across professional sports worldwide seems to be on the way out.

The early GGG vs Jacobs PPV buys numbers as reported by Lance Pugmire would suggest the US sports market for pay per view continues to decline:

150,000 GGG vs Jacobs pay per view buys is probably around what they expected. Or maybe a little less.

But it can’t be said the event wasn’t popular as it was a sellout at the gate. It also did over $3.7 million on Saturday night in revenue at the gate.

A good night’s work for anyone.

What the numbers do show however is the continued decline of the pay per view model in pro sports. Certainly in the United States.

Even look at the UFC who’ve had some great success in recent years.

If you really look at their numbers it’s only when Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey or Brock Lesnar fought that they tend to do over the 1 million buys mark.

If Golovkin fights Canelo later this year I’d expect the fight to crack the 1 million pay per view buys mark if promoted well.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop this apparent shift away from pay per view market by sports fans in the States.

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