Watch: McGregor Rant On Boxing World and Mayweather

The Irish UFC fight star sounds off on Mayweather and the boxing world – as he starts to bring himself closer and closer into contact with boxing media and boxers.

McGregor Rant On Boxing Media and More

Perhaps it’s a purposeful act from McGregor. After all, he is man who knows more about promotion than most on the planet.

A genius self-publicist perhaps it could be said.

He knows that when this Mayweather boxing match happens this year it will bring together both the boxing and MMA worlds like never before.

He appears to be making over the last while a subtle (or not so much) move to get into the boxing news landscape more and more.

Introducing himself to new boxing media members outside of MMA writers and journalists.

His ear bashing of boxing writer Dan Rafael here a further illustration of his desire to cross promote in MMA and boxing as this Mayweather boxing hype trains ramps up.

This past weekend he walked out Irish boxer Michael Conlan to the ring on his debut and speaking afterwards to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV McGregor said:

“F*** Floyd! This whole boxing world don’t know what they are going to see when I roll in here. I’m unpredictable. Nobody knows what they are in for. Everybody is writing me off. But they are going to be in shock. Make no mistake about it. I’m ready. I look forward to it and I’m prepared. We’re very close to inking it.”

It looks like September is the month that’s is being planned for a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match at this point. At what weight or where remains to be seen. Although I’d expect it to be a Vegas fight.

Here is the full McGregor rant on boxing world, media and more:

(Hat tip and credit: IFL TV YouTube)