Daniel Jacobs On Golovkin Power – What It Felt Like

Daniel Jacobs on Golovkin

Daniel Jacobs on Golovkin power having shared the ring with the renowned puncher.

Despite losing a decision to Golovkin after a close fight (here is the official scorecard), Danny Jacobs has come out with huge credit and respect after giving the feared Golovkin the toughest fight of his career.

Unlike some of Golovkin’s previous wins where he walked some fighters down and essentially walked through their punches, he didn’t do that against Jacobs.

He clearly respected the American’s power and boxing skills from the get go.

Speaking in the post-fight press conference after the fight Danny Jacobs on Golovkin and his punching power after sharing the ring with him.

Daniel Jacobs on Golovkin Punching Power

“It wasn’t everything that everybody made it out to be. I mean it definitely wasn’t this bogeymen, knockout artist that everybody is saying. Even when I got dropped, they said I got pushed a little bit, I mean I think it hit but I’d have to go back and see it, but I wanted to go trade with him right there because it really didn’t hurt me. I really didn’t get hurt like I thought (before the fight) if he landed one of those shots it would be over. I won’t say he’s a big middleweight, but I would say he is a fair size middleweight and I knew going into the fight that I would be the bigger man.”

He added:

“When I got hit I was like, okay. Even when I got knocked down I was like – lets go. I stood toe to toe even when I got knocked down.”

After watching the fight last night perhaps the mega match between Golovkin and Mexican Canelo Alvarez might be easier to make following the fight Jacobs gave Golovkin.

Particularly as Canelo and his team might now think Golovkin is more beatable than they previously might have.