Here Is The Official Golovkin Jacobs Scorecard From Madison Square Garden

The official Golovkin Jacobs scorecard following a controversial decision in the eyes of some.

The reaction to both the fight and the decision has been mixed from the boxing world so far.

Golovkin ran out a winner on all three judges’ scorecards by unanimous decision in the end. But some have expressed their view that New York native Danny Jacobs deserved to get the nod.

Lets take a look at how the judges scored the fight.

Golovkin Jacobs Scorecard

The 10-8 round above being for the knockdown in the fourth – when Golovkin dropped Jacobs following two sharp right hands when he had the New York fighter against the ropes.

What do you think of the above? Do you agree?

Jacobs has since said he believed he won the fight and there is certainly a logical argument that could be made for that case.

As their could for Golovkin too, to be fair.

It was one of those fights that could have gone either way. But from a statistics point of view – what were the punch stats?

As you can see, Golovkin did out punch Jacobs according to the stats overall but as described above – they don’t always tell the story of a fight.

Jacobs showed excellent movement and boxing ability to make Golovkin miss at times, as well as landing some good power punches during the contest. Humanising ‘GGG’ to an extent.

This fight has rematch written all over it.

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