Golovkin Jacobs Reaction On Twitter Mixed From The Boxing World

The Golovkin Jacobs reaction from the boxing world has been mixed thus far. As always, the best place to gauge public opinion is usually on Twitter – so lets have a look.

Golovkin scored a unanimous decision victory over Jacobs, the first time ‘GGG’ had gone the distance in 9 years since 2008. Jacobs also ended his 23 fight knockout streak.

Some trainers like Angel Garcia have absolutely lambasted the fight’s decision last night. Lets take a look at a few more opinions for a more balanced look at the Golovkin Jacobs reaction from around the world of boxing:

The fight was definitely a razor close one. I think most would agree that a part two is in order and something fight fans would welcome too.

Jacobs can be very proud of himself last night. When you think about all this man has achieved in his life it’s quite remarkable.

Only a few years ago he was battling for his life with cancer, a fight in which he successfully overcame to return to boxing and astonishingly become world champion.

He’s now just shared the ring with arguably the most feared fighter in boxing and shown that he is very human and beatable.

That Jacobs performance last night will have taken some of the mystique away from Golovkin. No doubt some middleweights will have taken confidence from it.