Watch: Michael Conlan vs Tim Ibarra Live Stream Video

Catch the Michael Conlan vs Tim Ibarra live stream video right here tonight. The outspoken Irishman makes his debut at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

The main event of the Michael Conlan vs Tim Ibarra show in New York tonight is expected to commence at 3am UK/Irish time.

That is 10pm ET in the US and 7pm PT.

The folks at Top Rank boxing have pulled out all the stops tonight for fight fans in the US looking to see the fight. They will be providing the Michael Conlan vs Tim Ibarra live stream video for fans on social media:

Good news for fight fans.

Although just on the time above time there, if I were you, I’d make sure to tune in at 10pm ET just in case. As Michael Conlan said himself earlier that it’s 10pm he expects to be going to the ring at.

Also below’s fight stream video from Top Rank on Facebook is due to start at that time (7pm PT and 3am in the UK and Ireland).

So better to be early rather than late just to be on the safe side.

Not long to go now until the world of boxing gets to see just how good the young Michael Conlan is. We spoke earlier today here on Boxing News and Views how we believe he’s a star in the making.

There will also be a notable big star in attendance walking Conlan out to the ring tonight. The UFC’s fighting sensation Conor McGregor no less.

Irishman McGregor is in New York today for St.Patrick’s Day in support of Conlan. He posted the following on social media in his support of his young pal earlier:

Now, without further adieu. What we all came here for tonight. Hat tip and credit to the folks at Top Rank Facebook page for the below.

Enjoy the Michael Conlan vs Tim Ibarra Live stream video right here tonight. As per the below instructions on the Top Rank Facebook page – just hit refresh when the action gets underway.

***Article update – apologies folks promoters Top Rank got their time wrong for the kick off of the fight tonight in a big blunder. As they did about their live stream video on Facebook – which never actually went live. There has been many fans complaining about this already. We’ll post highlights of Mick Conlan’s 3rd round TKO win tonight as and when we can on our homepage.***

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