Report: Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev Rematch Nearly There – Date Proposed

An Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev rematch looks set to happen this summer. No doubt to the joy of fight fans following a very controversial ending to their first fight.

The two-light heavyweights battled to a split decision in 2016 with Andre Ward taking the spoils. That was despite been knocked down in the fight and most people believing Kovalev deserved to get the win.

Whatever your opinion was or still is, now Kovalev will have a chance to put the record straight it seems.

Boxing journalist Steve Kim has broken the story that an Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev rematch looks like for the following date:

Kim is usually very reliable with these insider type stories so we could very well have another massive fight added to the already solid boxing calendar so far in 2017.

A summer showdown in June gives both teams plenty of time to actually promote this thing as well. Something that I personally thought they could have done more of first time round.

While the boxing world was very excited about the first fight, the wider sports public didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm.

Despite on paper the fight should have been the best of the year, in terms of top level prime champions going at it.

This time around it seems that the promoters get they need a solid few months before the fighters get into the ring to get the word out there.

Lets hope this gets made official confirmation soon.