Boxing Results Tonight – Michael Conlan Undercard Live Report

Boxing results tonight from New York at the Michael Conlan pro debut show taking place at Madison Square Garden.

While Michael Conlan vs Tim Ibarra tops the bill tonight, there is a whole host of other entertaining action on the bill from top to bottom.

Fight fans are certainly in the mood for the boxing tonight in New York on St.Patrick’s Day – with atmosphere building well in anticipation for Conlan’s fight tonight:

Boxing results tonight from MSG so far:

In early undercard action Irishman Larry Fryers kicked off the night well for the Irish on Paddy’s Day. He recorded a unanimous decision victory over four rounds against Gabriel Solorio to open up the show tonight.

The second fight of the night involved promoter Top Rank’s Honduran 2016 Olympic signing Teo Lopez. He put in a solid stoppage win to go 3-0:

The third fight of the night involving Jose Gonzalez has already seen plenty of action:

No surprise there: @ChocolatitoJg gets the UD win, and improves to 7-0-1. Scores: 60-53, 3x.