Report: Mayweather McGregor Venue Reserved For June 10th In Vegas

Mayweather McGregor Venue

The latest twist in this saga has come. A report tonight has stated that a potential Mayweather McGregor venue has been put on hold for a possible boxing match between the two this summer.

According to a report from Flo Combat, a boxing match between the two could potentially take place on June 10th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, which according to their sources Рhas been put on hold for that date.

This news of course does not mean that the fight will definitely happen and one would imagine there are a lot of negotiation hurdles still to overcome.

But if venues are being reserved and lined up already, than that is a positive indication that things are close to becoming very real.

This comes after Mayweather spoke extensively all week in the UK while on his travels about McGregor.

He mentioned numerous times in interviews and speaking appearances that all McGregor now has to do is “sign the paper” and stop complaining about the money and being the “B-Side.”

If the fight were to take place at the T-Mobile Arena, it could be one of the best places in the world to host a coming together of this nature between boxing and UFC’s biggest stars.

The venue in it’s short history since opening only last year has already played host to big UFC and boxing fights. Notably the Canelo vs Khan fight from a boxing perspective at least.

It is also the largest indoor venue in the fight capital of the world (Vegas) with a capacity of 20,000. As a possible Mayweather McGregor venue, it would seem to be a logical choice if it does take place there.