GGG vs Jacobs Who Wins?

GGG vs Jacobs Who Wins

GGG vs Jacobs who wins? Fight week is now upon us so lets look at some of the factors to consider.


Skills pay the bills as they say in boxing. When it comes to pure technique and boxing skills both men have demonstrated plenty of sweet science ability to get to this point.

They wouldn’t have become world champions if they couldn’t box to an elite level.

Both are big hitters yes, but from what I’ve seen from Golovkin, overall he has demonstrated more nuance in his work in recent years.

Granted, he neglected this in his last fight with Kell Brook entirely.

But the Golovkin jab and ability to close distance in an almost blink of an eye to set up his attacks can be a joy to watch when he’s on.

He’ll be fighting a bigger man in Jacobs Saturday night. His punch variation between body and head could prove to be the difference if he can get his distance and timing down early on.


Golovkin is regarded by many as the hardest hitter in the sport – pound for pound. But many are overlooking the fact that of Jacobs’ 31 pro wins 29 of them have come inside the distance.

In a head to head of pure punching power you’d have to lean towards Golovkin to be fair though. A man who holds the highest knockout percentage in boxing history in the middleweight division.

His bone shuddering fists broke the eye socket of his last opponent Kell Brook.

It will be interesting to see how the cumulative effect of his blows are coped with by Jacobs. Particularly if the fight goes into the second half of the twelve rounds.

Golovkin will need to be weary of Jacobs’ power himself early on.

Game plan

GGG would be unwise to implement a similar gameplan to the one that he did against Brook.

Walking onto bombs from a big middleweight like Jacobs without trying to get out of the way or block wouldn’t be advisable.

To date, Golovkin has demonstrated an iron chin but it will be his boxing skills that prove the difference on Saturday night in my opinion.

I’d expect Golovkin to get behind the jab early on and look to use angles coming in during his attacks from that mid range that he seems to work so well at.

GGG vs Jacobs who wins ultimately?

It’s more of a toss up than most people think in my opinion. But somewhere along the way, possibly late on, I think Golovkin’s attacks will have caught up with Jacobs inside the distance.