Floyd Mayweather Career Earnings Pass $800 Million Since Berto Fight

floyd mayweather career earnings

Floyd Mayweather career earnings are still rolling in after his last active fight as a professional against Andre Berto in 2015.

After that fight it was widely reported that Mayweather’s earnings were at $700 million.

It was the last fight on his deal at the time with Showtime. One that is widely thought to be the biggest single deal for an athlete in sports history.

Speaking at an event while on tour in the UK this week, Floyd Mayweather let fans in attendance know that his earnings are now gone past a whopping $800 million.

But not before he told a great story on how he helped his mother in doing so.

Behind the scenes family has clearly always been a motivator for him. This rang true when he told fans:

“I wasn’t going to leave my mother out there with no health insurance. With no lights. Struggling. I love my mother. Of course without her I wouldn’t even be here. So what I did was I left school. I said f*** it. I’m leaving. I’m going to roll the dice. Take my chances going to the Olympics. Take my chances turning professional. Because I know school will always be there. But an opportunity like this comes once in a life time. So what I did was I rolled the dice. Even when I turned professional I left my mother in the inner city. I would still send her money but I left her in the inner city because the timing wasn’t right. I wanted to make sure when I brought my mother to live with me that she would never have to work again. So, now you know, $800 million dollars later. (applause from crowd).”

Fair play Floyd Mayweather. Not many ever get to give their parents that kind of life. Let alone earn $800 million dollars during their career in doing so.

Mayweather currently holds an unbeaten professional record of 49-0. Talks continue around a possible Conor McGregor fight in 2017.