Crazy David Haye Audio Of Extreme Physical Damage He Really Wants To Do Bellew

A rather crazy David Haye interview of what he really wants to do to Tony Bellew this weekend physically has emerged online today.

In it, Haye also speaks of his past as a youngster growing up and competing in other sports such as rugby where he often thought about “breaking the spines” of other sportsmen.

Crazy David Haye

Haye has always been a devastating puncher in the boxing ring, a man who knows how to close the show once his opponent is hurt.

But has he gone a bit too far with this? Is this over the edge in sporting terms of what he says actually comes to fruition?

Decide for yourself:

(Hat tip and credit: Talk Sport YouTube)

If he gets up after ten seconds he’d consider it a loss?

Possibly the most palpable passion from a fighter wanting to knock someone out ever.

He really seems hell bent on rendering his Liverpool foe out for the count, for as long as physically possible.

The bookmakers across the world tend to agree with him, with all of them placing Haye a heavy favorite ahead of Saturday night.

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