The last Thurman v Garcia presser before the two will weigh-in tomorrow ahead of their eagerly anticipated showdown on Saturday night.

A lot of the talk this week in the boxing world seems to be emanating around David Haye and Tony Bellew’s heavyweight fight this weekend, but in many ways, there is a much better bout to look forward to.

At least from a credibility, strictly boxing point of view.

thurman v garcia

Many realize that Haye is a clear favorite this weekend but in the world welterweight title fight on Saturday, it’s a genuine 50/50.

It’s also a fight between two young, undefeated world champions who have been on a boxing collision course for sometime.

A genuine world title unification fight. Something that doesn’t happen too often, as we know.

Ahead of Saturday night the two met for the second last time ahead of weigh-ins tomorrow in New York.

Here’s the Thurman v Garcia final press conference and face off today:

(Hat tip and credit: Showtime YouTube)

So there you have it.

Just two days to go now and both men look in tip top shape ahead of fight night.

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