Why World Champion Keith Thurman Thinks Boxing Should Be Free

Keith Thurman thinks boxing should be more free to air for fight fans across the sport in the United States, and goes into detail on how it would benefit both the sport and professional fighters.

The phrase “Make boxing great again” has been a common one in US boxing media lately, as a bit of a joke almost since President of America Donald Trump came to power.

keith thurman thinks

It follows his popular mantra “Make America Great Again”.

Keith Thurman thinks to make the sport great again in the US it needs more coverage on free to air platforms to keep gaining popularity.

He makes an interesting point.

The professional sports landscape has never been so competitive and to get TV ratings for any professional sports event, everyone is up against it due to the sheer amount of options and choice fans have today both on TV and in the digital world.

Boxing seems to be on a minor comeback judging from these recent TV ratings however.

Speaking to ES News YouTube (hat tip and credit) here’s why world champion Keith Thurman thinks boxing should be free:

Thurman competes again on Saturday night when he faces fellow undefeated American welterweight world champion Danny Garcia.