WATCH: Gennady Golovkin Batters Punch Shield Ahead Of Jacobs Fight

Gennady Golovkin is considered to be one of the hardest hitting boxers pound for pound in the world today. And for good reason.

He currently holds the all time highest knockout percentage in the middleweight (160lbs) division.

Golovkin Batters

Whether or not he stays in the division for the rest of his career remains to be seen though

Particularly after comments like these on TV this week, communicating he’s more than happy to drop in weight for a big fight with the likes of Floyd Mayweather.

But March 18th is his next challenge and a considerable one at that.

Ahead of his middleweight unification in New York against Danny Jacobs Golovkin has been hitting bags and pads as ferociously as ever.

Check him out here working with his coach Abel Sanchez at a media workout:

(Golovkin batters punch shield – hat tip and credit: Fight Hype YouTube)

Some really thudding single shots there.

You can almost hear the numbing nature of the punches as he sinks them in, moving upstairs and downstairs while smiling at his trainer.

They say a happy fighter is a dangerous one. Golovkin looks to be a man loving life and his work at the minute.

Will the ‘GGG’ wrecking machine streak continue with another knockout March 18th?

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