Why Haye Believes Bellew: “Isn’t Designed For Fighting.”

David Haye believes his upcoming opponent on Saturday night is not suited to even being a boxer in the first place, despite him having won a world title.

Haye will meet WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew in a heavyweight pay per view bout on Saturday night, and has been on the verbal assault on him for months.

Haye Believes

He’s not letting up as the fight gets closer either.

Speaking to the Sports Bible, Haye believes Bellew shouldn’t be a fighter in the first place:

“Tony Bellew isn’t designed for fighting. He doesn’t have what a real fighter needs. He doesn’t have the physical attributes. He doesn’t have the speed. He doesn’t have the agility. He doesn’t have the technical know how. He doesn’t have the toughness.”

The two men’s preparation locations couldn’t have been of any different, with Bellew training in Sheffield in the cold weather and Haye training in the sun of Miami Florida.

Will Bellew’s old school training and more traditional boxing routines methods pay off?

Saturday night we found out – but David Haye is a big, big favorite in this one.