Bellew Haye – Reverse Roles In Passion This Time Around

The Bellew Haye fight is now almost upon us. In four days time both men will have a chance to put their dislike, or lets be honest, outright hatred of one another – to one side.

A UK heavyweight grudge match that has garnered interest from a variety across the sports spectrum.

In large part for their ability to talk.

But on Saturday night, talk stops, fists fly and all hell breaks loose.

Bellew Haye

One thing I’ve noticed distinctly different in the build-up most recently to this fight, is how both guys are acting a tad out of character.

Usually it’s Tony Bellew being wound up, over passionate and going on the verbal attack as energetically as he can.

But this time around it has been David Haye who has been more agitated.

A seemingly genuine hatred of Bellew to the point of him wanting to send him to hospital and stretchered out of the ring.

Something he’s mentioned more than once in the build-up.

The verbals during the week in Liverpool from Haye towards the fans crossed the line in sports terms.

But Haye has claimed there were racist remarks levelled at him.

Whatever the case might be, neither of the above have a place in sport.

But amidst all of this, Bellew has been very relaxed from what I’ve seen of him.

At ease almost.

He hasn’t been drawn into a shouting match and seems content in knowing that he’s done the work ahead of the fight.

Is this an omen ahead of Saturday night?

Probably not, in truth.

But as many who have observed this sport over the years will tell you, mind games and use of energy on fight week is important and can play a factor.

Particularly in a sport as unforgiving as professional boxing, where even the most marginal of advantages can have an impact.

Lets see how both men deal with the final press conference and weigh-in ahead of fight night.

Who will keep their cool best, or, who could lose their proverbial ‘rag’.