Exclusive: Inside Barry’s Boxing Gym Las Vegas

This week on our travels for Boxing News and Views we had the opportunity to call in and visit one of the most steeped in tradition boxing gyms in the fight capital of the world – Barry’s Boxing Gym Las Vegas.

Upon walking into Barry’s Boxing Gym Las Vegas straight away you are hit by the wealth of trophies and silverware that the gym has won over the years:

Barry's Boxing Gym Las Vegas

The gym now mostly trains amateur fighters but for many years different professional boxers have frequented their doors, including the likes of local Las Vegas pro fighters such as Shawn Porter and Floyd Mayweather.

The gym owners Pat and Dawn Barry (husband and wife) are very welcoming and I’d encourage any of our readers who might be in Las Vegas over the next while to call in for a look at the gym, or for those looking to sign up to a boxing gym in Las Vegas.

One thing I learned that I didn’t know until visiting the gym was that renowned US featherweight fighter Augie Sanchez (who famously fought Prince Naseem Hamed) is actually the step son of gym owner Pat Barry.

Here are some of the other photos of what the gym looks like on the inside – in what is a modern and large facility overall:

Barry's Boxing Gym Las Vegas
Barry's Boxing Gym Las Vegas
Barry's Boxing Gym Las Vegas

For those looking to call in for a look at Barry’s Boxing Gym during their time in Vegas it is located very close to the Vegas strip, directly behind the Circus Circus in about a five minute cab ride.

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Stay tuned to Boxing News and Views for more inside gym exclusives over the coming ten days or so.