Pacquiao vs Broner fight week is now upon us and later on today Adrien Broner will complete his media workouts at Las Vegas boxing gym Barry’s Boxing.

A lot of questions are being asked about both fighters coming into this, namely — what version of both Pacquiao and Broner will turn up?

Upon inspecting recent training footage it’s clear to see both guys have taken things seriously from a preparation standpoint but with that being said fighters can get old over night and some are wondering will it be Pacquiao’s turn in this regard come Saturday at the iconic MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

On Broner’s side, what type of Broner will show up on Saturday night can be asked perhaps more from a mental standpoint than a physical one.

He has exhibited a slightly more calm exterior in recent weeks than usual, perhaps fully aware of the size of the opportunity that lays in front of him with the bout being his first pay per view fight (on Showtime) as his focus narrows in on the brutal task that awaits when that first bell rings.

Reports of issues outside the ring, allegedly fresh legal woes could play a part in distracting him too but all in all, when that first bell goes, ultimately, it will come down to who wants it more and who executes their game plan best.

Broner has nine years of youth on his side but one could argue that Pacquiao’s fight style is made for Broner in that he throws an incredible amount of punches compared to Broner’s lower output and Broner isn’t really a counter puncher which is typically the style that does well against PacMan.

Not long to go now until we find out.