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Boxing News and Views have returned to Barry’s Boxing Gym since getting back to Las Vegas and have been impressed with what we’ve seen.

I’ve been back in Las Vegas with Boxing News and Views just over a week or so now and much of my time has included getting to know the amateur boxing scene in the fight capital of the world.

Although we tend to predominately cover the pro game at Boxing News and Views, we’re now looking at incorporating more and more amateur boxing content as requested by our readers – as part of our daily news and content output on the website and on social media.

It’s been an eye opening journey so far, in terms of seeing the phenomenal amount of hard work that goes into building the stars of tomorrow in Las Vegas and the US.

Barry’s Boxing Gym is the number one amateur boxing gym in Las Vegas, which being in the fight capital of the world, makes it a hotbed of new talent breaking through.

The likes of Floyd Mayweather and many other stars in American boxing have all walked through the gym at some point.

Last week while at the gym, an Israeli boxing team travelled to the States in an amateur boxing trip that saw a box off between one of their fighters and and amateur fighter from Barry’s Boxing.

It’s this international theme to the gym that makes it so unique and with a mantra of ‘We teach the science not the violence’ the positive impact the gym has on the Las Vegas community is a significant one.

Ran by Dawn and Pat Barry, the gym is a hotbed of activity between Monday right through Saturday and we’ll be sharing more and more interviews, videos and social media content from the gym directly over the weeks ahead – as well as other boxing gyms here in Las Vegas.

If you have any suggestions on the type of boxing content you’d like from us over the next while from Las Vegas – just drop us an email or message on social media.

(Header photo – Pat Barry of Barry’s Boxing and myself¬†of Boxing News and Views)

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