Ohara Davies Fight Result and Report vs Andrea Scarpa

We look at the Ohara Davies fight result tonight from the Wembley Arena in our post-fight report on his fight with colorful Italian boxer Andre Scarpa.

The Ohara Davies fight result went his way in the end, despite some of the claims before hand from his opponent Andrea Scarpa that he would WBC Silver super lightweight title and that as he said in the pre-fight press conference was:

“F****** serious”.

All jokes aside, Scarpa did prove to be a tough customer.

Davies started off the fight well and landed some nice overhand left punches in the very first three minutes. Round two continued in a similar vein for Davies.

Davies started establishing his distance well with the jab and also worked in some nice body punches on his Italian opponent.

Scarpa had some level of success in round 5 in terms of the number of punches he was able to get off. However not many of them landed and Davies looked assured at this point in the fight.

Davies coasted a lot of the middle rounds without particularly getting out of gear. Scarpa was a tricky customer in what was not the most entertaining fight.

By the 9th round Scarpa had a bloody nose and Davies looked like he was slowly but surely closing the show on the Italian. Although not emphatically.

By round 10 Davies for the most part looked like he had figured Scarpa out. Although the Italian wouldn’t lay down.

Both guys appeared quite tired over the last couple of rounds – really just waiting to hear the final bell.

In the end Ohara Davies did enough to get the win and was awarded a unanimous points decision. But he will have reason to feel frustrated after tonight.

He was in there with a man who proved to be very hard to nail clean. Credit to Davies for getting the job done though.