Mayweather Back Sparring 50th Fight Inevitable

Floyd Mayweather back sparring is leading to calls that the ‘Money’ man will surely be back in the ring in 2017 to chase the elusive 50-0 record.

Currently his professional boxing record is 49-0 (26KO) which is dead level at present with the great heavyweight Rocky Marciano.

Mayweather despite the ‘Money’ mantra, is a man known behind the scenes for his encyclopedic knowledge on boxing history.

Legacy matters to him. Of course it does.

He’ll turn 40 years old next February and will know that the clock is ticking to get back in the ring to have the final big one.

He’s been inactive in the past before from the sport and is renowned for staying in shape year round to combat ring rust.

The folks at Fight Hype in the US have reported that Mayweather sparred a few rounds yesterday (October 14th, 2016) and looked very sharp.

Although it is hard to tell from their screenshot that shows Adrien Broner displaying a pic of Mayweather in sparring action, it comes across that indeed Mayweather is readying himself for some sort of comeback here:

mayweather back sparring
Image source and credit: Fight Hype / Adrien Broner

You can clearly see Mayweather’s father and trainer (Floyd Mayweather senior) looking on seriously above – pictured next to Adrien Broner.

This would suggest that the sparring session was legit and not just some sort of publicity stunt. He’ll be back.

Whether it’s a spectacle event against UFC star Conor McGregor under boxing rules or a fight against a legitimate world champion boxer, who knows.

McGregor demanded money from Mayweather here this week for a potential fight. So time will tell.

Despite Mayweather’s claims all year that he’s staying retired, I’ve called it all year – that he won’t. He’ll definitely be back for one last fight in 2017.

Why wouldn’t he? He’s still sharp enough to beat most welterweights out there.

No doubt there will be a significant prize incentive for a return too. But above all else there’s no way he’ll be able to resist going for that 50-0 record.

No way.

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