Tyson Fury Coach: Tyson Has Got A Form Of Manic Depression

Tyson Fury coach says Tyson is well on the way to recovery and has come out admitting what the problem is that Tyson has been suffering from.

To anyone who was watching the recent turmoil that lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has been embroiled in it was quite clear there was a problem.

What exactly it was was unknown until now. One of the closest people to him – his trainer and uncle Peter Fury told BBC Sport that:

“He’s (Tyson) got a form of manic depression that’s been dealt with. He’s getting the right treatment. He now acknowledges that there is an issue and that’s the start of recovery isn’t it.”

This diagnosis will come as unfortunate news to Fury’s fans but on the bright side of things, the fact he’s acknowledged the problem and is working though it could mean a much stronger Tyson Fury when he does return.

His uncle Peter said here that Tyson should be okay again in a couple of months and it appears that a comeback is already in then works for potentially March or April 2017.

Speaking on the issue and how it has affected Tyson – Peter Fury added:

“It’s been upsetting to see him down and depressed and not sure where he sees life and not interesting in anything. So that’s been frustrating. I’m very optimistic and I’m quite positive that we will see him back in the ring. I don’t see it as any other option really. It’s not a long lasting illness that he’s got. Depression is in a lot of young people today and now it’s recognized for what it is. Maybe it’s a good thing Tyson being who he is coming out and admitting he’s got a problem.”

He concluded in his TV interview with BBC Sport saying:

“I had a good chat with him last night. He’s just seeking medical help for manic depression / bi-polar. There is a name for it. I can’t think of what it is. That’s all he’s seeking. He’s not in no rehab. He’s got no drug addictions.”

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