Peter Fury has said his nephew and former lineal heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury is responding well to treatment at the moment on his mental health.

Tyson Fury earlier this week voluntarily relinquished his heavyweight titles and put out this statement with his team, indicating they have done so to allow Tyson the proper time to get better from his current mental health issues.

The Fury family are a close and tight knit one. So when Tyson’s uncle and trainer Peter speaks people tend to take notice.

Peter Fury when talking to BoxNation this week has given an update on how Tyson’s progress is coming along at the moment:

“I think he’s having some one to one sessions with psychiatrists and people like this.”

On when he believes he will be back to normal – Peter said:

“I think he’s improving as time goes on. It’s very hard to say but I’d imagine he should be okay in a couple of months.”

This will come as positive news to the many fans of Tyson Fury who look forward to seeing him get back in the ring and in the big fights that are no doubt out there for him.

For the full Peter Fury interview with BoxNation check it out here via their YouTube channel:

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