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Report: Conor McGregor Knocked Out In Sparring (Cold)

A leading MMA source claims UFC star Conor McGregor knocked out in sparring, cold, with a suspected broken nose suffered ahead of his next fight at UFC 205.

Conor McGregor is scheduled to compete next month at UFC 205 where the sport of MMA will be in New York for the first time ever, when the show rolls up to Madison Square Garden.

McGregor, a predominantly stand up fighter who mostly utilises boxing in virtually all of his contests, is reported to have been knocked out cold today in sparring by a leading MMA reporter:

I was told by someone close to SBG, McGregor was allegedly knocked out cold in sparring today; possible broken nose, shaky to his feet.

— #Dizz © (@TalkMMA) October 10, 2016

McGregor’s coach then hit back:

Free tip – Just because its on the Internet doesn’t mean its true ?

— Coach Kavanagh (@John_Kavanagh) October 10, 2016

To which @TalkMMA responded:

Do you think a popular fighter and his team are going to admit getting KO’d in sparring 30 days before a fight with $15 million at stake? No

— #Dizz © (@TalkMMA) October 10, 2016

Time will tell in the coming days what the extent of the alleged injuries McGregor suffered were.

With his bout against Eddie Alvarez being less than 30 days away now, one would imagine a badly broken nose would cause the event to have to be postponed being so close to the fight.

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