Video: Hearn Says Joshua vs Klitschko Should Be Done By End Of Week

Promoter Eddie Hearn says today that if Joshua vs Klitschko deal is to be done – it should be done by the end of this week.

That will come as music to the ears of fight fans looking for a big heavyweight fight before Christmas 2016. Joshua vs Klitschko certainly ticks all the boxes in that regard.

Two big hitting heavyweights, a potential unification fight pending the outcome of some of Tyson Fury’s current heavyweight titles and the classical story line of the old lion against the young lion.

Speaking to Sky Sports today Hearn gave the latest update on the potential fight:

Interestingly, he ruled out the David Haye fight for Joshua at this stage – but didn’t rule out him competing on the same bill.

If the fight were to happen, it is now thought that a date in December will be needed due to the turnaround time needed at this stage for both fighters to get ready for the fight and indeed the time needed to promote an event of this size.

All signals seem to be pointing to the direction of the fight getting made at the moment, but as we know this is boxing, where anything can happen and things change quicker than the weather.

Some outside forces that could impact this fight coming to fruition include what might be happening to Tyson Fury’s heavyweight titles at the moment and how quickly the sanctioning bodies will act this week, if they are going to strip him of some or all of his belts following his positive cocaine test recently.

If one of the belts frees up where by it can be put on the line in addition to Joshua’s IBF title, the fact the bout would then be a unification would make it that much bigger and might be something team Klitschko are holding out on at the moment to see what happens on Fury’s titles this week.

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