Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev Face Off For The First Time

Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev went face to face for the first time ahead of their highly anticipated light-heavyweight showdown this November.

You could be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t a lot of animosity or tension in the air between these two because well, there just wasn’t any.

Their relaxed demeanours throughout their official press conference to announce the fight suggested there will be zero trash talking in the build-up to this fight, as it isn’t needed anyway given it’s quality.

It’s just one of those great fights that as a fight fan you can’t help but get excited for, even though the two guys didn’t look or seem particularly excited themselves.

Don’t be fooled by that though, this is just the calm before the storm and the beginning of what is likely to be the most intense training camps of both men’s fighting careers thus far.

Conserving energy at this point is a wise strategy by both, with the fight still well over two full months away on November 19th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

It will see both athletes putting their undefeated records on the line and a combined total of 60 professional boxing wins in the ring when they square off for real.

The betting lines are already cut straight down the middle for the most part for this one, indicating just how 50/50 a fight this really is.

Kovalev on his plan for the fight said that when it comes to boxing matches they are street fights to him. Ward was more coy, giving little away at this point.

Here’s what happened when they squared off for the world’s media:

(Credit: Fight Hub)

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