Sergey Kovalev: Boxing For Me Is Like A Street Fight

Ahead of their November 19th light-heavyweight showdown in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, both men and their teams met today at a press conference to officially announce the fight (with both fighters present, this time around).

It’s one of those fights where fans will actually get to see the best fighting the best, in their primes, with everything on the line.

Although Kovalev’s trainer did recently state that he doesn’t think Ward is in his prime anymore.

Whatever the case might be, in many ways it’s a throwback fight because of it’s compelling nature of two guys looking to see who the best is, and also represents two modern day elite pound for pound boxers bucking the trend of protecting their undefeated records, actually getting in the ring to fight one another and put their O’s on the line.

Skill vs power is how some people see the fight from a stylistic standpoint, with Ward being the technician – Kovalev being the knockout artist.

But the reality of what unfolds might be a little bit more complex, as the sweet science often has a funny way of doing to initial expectations on the night of a big fight.

Kovalev when asked about what his strategy for the fight would be at today’s press conference candidly responded:

“Boxing for me is like a street fight, just with the rules of boxing.”

You can’t get more to the point than that.

Both men appeared to be extremely relaxed overall at today’s press conference, not the type of boxers to engage in trash talk and knowing that the credibility and competitiveness of this particular fight sells itself anyway.

Some are viewing the winner of the fight as the new pound for pound number one fighter in world boxing. Time will tell, but it’s certainly one hell of a fight.

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