Whatever Happened To Weight Divisions In Boxing?

There’s a growing trend in pro boxing with bigger guys fighting smaller guys.

But no, we’re not talking about the the best fighter in one division going up to the next division to fight the best at that division.

Unlike the glory days of Leonard-Duran, we are now getting mismatches like Khan-Canelo.

Even more recently Brook vs GGG. Although Khan and Brook are both extremely talented, neither has set themselves apart as the best in their own division.

With guys like Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia and Errol Spence, there are plenty of of big fights to be made. Not to mention the old guard like Mayweather and Pacquiao still hanging around.

I understand boxing is a business and big names equal big money, but is it worth it in the end?

Khan was paid handsomely for his services after being brutally knockout by Canelo. Will Khan ever be the same, however?

weight divisions in boxing
Khan getting floored by Canelo

Only time will tell.

Now you have Brook fighting GGG (Gennady Golovkin) who already has a hard time getting people to fight him in his own division at middleweight.

And yes, they are accordingly marketing Brook as a “big welterweight” against a guy with 22 consecutive knockouts at middleweight.

The fights we should have been talking about this year were Khan vs Brook and Canelo vs GGG. Call me old fashioned, but I like fighters facing guys there own size.

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