Conor McGregor Says He’ll Take A Heavyweight Next

Conor McGregor says even a heavyweight fighter he would be willing to take on next.

The charismatic Irishman defeated Nate Diaz this past weekend in a UFC battle that was so big that all members of the fight community (including boxing) have been talking about it.

From a boxing perspective, it was the sweet science that McGregor employed mostly in the contest, opting to keep the fight on it’s feet even when he dropped his foe on numerous occasions.

McGregor, who comes from an amateur boxing background originally, has said on Facebook today that he wants a heavyweight next:

As bold and as brave as the Irishman is, surely he can’t be serious about that. It just wouldn’t happen in reality. One would think anyway.

The fight at the weekend proved to be a back and forth battle and many within the boxing community commented on it’s entertaining nature afterwards.

Hats off to McGregor for the show of respect above to his opponent Nate Diaz. It will be interesting to see if he ever steps into a pro boxing ring having been linked to possible bouts this year with Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan.

Granted, he wouldn’t stand a chance in either of those fights under boxing rules, but from an entertainment point of view – it would certainly generate a lot of interest.

(Image source and credit: Conor McGregor Facebook page)

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