Gigantic Spence Bundu Ratings Show Boxing Is Far From Dead

These Spence Bundu ratings really came out of left field. My word, what a performance on TV.

Errol Spence Jr showed his class again this past weekend with arguably one of his finest performances to date in a professional boxing ring, when he took the respected and very durable Leonard Bundu to school, ultimately stopping him inside the distance in six rounds (becoming the first man ever to do so).

But besides his fantastic win inside the squared circle, another story even bigger has emerged since, with significant meaning for the sport of boxing as a whole it could be said.

Recently people had been knocking boxing in America for been on the decline due to a lack of big fights been made this year and with notable news recently surrounding the likes of the UFC and Conor McGregor, but like anything in sports, news is cyclical and momentum is well and truly on the way back for boxing this year in the US it seems.

Last year American entrepreneur Al Haymon created the Premier Boxing Champions brand, raising reportedly just shy of $1 billion dollars to so, with a view to bring boxing back to the masses – showing the sport regularly on network television once again.

Spence Bundu Ratings

This weekend just past it seems like the venture is now slowly but surely starting to pay off for him and boxing in that regard, after promoter Lou Di Bella confirmed to the LA Times that Errol Spence vs Leonard Bundu did a 4.6 TV rating (meaning approximately 6 million viewers tuned in).

The match drawing in a massive 6 million viewers is definitely note worthy, considering it was a non-world title fight.

But why?

Because Errol Spence Jr is one of the most skillful fighters in the world today, his latest fight was available on free television on NBC and people know what they like – when they are watching a future star in the making.

Not only will Spence Jr be a big star for the sport of boxing should these ratings continue, but he could indeed be what the American boxing market specifically has been waiting on since Floyd Mayweather.

Don’t forget, Mayweather wasn’t a particularly huge name in sports for more than half of his pro career, at least until the Oscar De La Hoya fight and there after.

Give Spence time. He could very well turn out to be the next pound for pound star in boxing.

He certainly has the ability.

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