Former Featherweight Boxer Fights Off Bear Attack

Not something we typically come across in the boxing news.

A rather extraordinary story has emerged this week relating to a former boxer in Canada coming face to face with a bear in Canada and well, winning the exchange it would seem.

61 year old Rick Nelson was out walking his dog in Ontario when he stumbled across a colossal 300 plus pound black bear and her cub.

While walking his dog Nelson apparently surprised the cub when his dog “starting barking”, he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation this week.

As also a former bear hunter he knew that it was only a matter of time before the mother bear came to protect her cub and when she did, he only had his fists and boxing skills to defend himself.

It has been reported that he punched the bear right in the snout which prompted the bear to be disorientated slightly, as the cub then proceeding to let out another yelp.

The bear swiped at Nelson’s chest but other than this, he was left with only some scratches to his face and no serious injury incurred.

The bear decided to turn around after his uppercut punch landed and returned to her cub.

Hats off to Rick Nelson on this one, one brave individual.

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