First Two Pro Boxers Qualify For 2016 Olympics

The controversial move to allow professional boxers compete at this year’s Rio Olympics has now become a reality as two fighters have successfully taken advantage today of the qualifying tournament in Venezuela.

Recently we spoke on how an amateur boxer beat a pro fighter at the qualifying event in Venezuela but today, two professionals turned the tables to go through to this year’s games and represent their respective countries.

The first professional fighter to qualify today was 36 year old veteran and former IBF Flyweight champion Amnat Ruenroeng who is 17-1-5KO as a pro.

He will now represent Thailand at this year’s Olympics and here’s how he won today:

APB/WSB Olympic Qualification Event

— AIBA (@AIBA_Boxing) July 7, 2016

The other was Cameroon’s Hassan N’Dam, who represented his country at the 2004 games but since went on to build up a professional record of 33-2-19KO and challenged for professional world titles on numerous occasions.

Here’s what his score was today and celebration afterwards:

APB/WSB Olympic Qualification Event
Denys Solonenko (UKR) vs @HASSANNDAM WP

— AIBA (@AIBA_Boxing) July 7, 2016

The controversial move to allow professional fighters compete at this year’s Olympics has been slammed for the most part by the boxing community, with governing body’s such as the IBF (International Boxing Federation) and WBC (World Boxing Council) saying they will ban any professional fighter found competing in Rio later this summer.

This seems to have fallen on deaf hears to N’Dam and Ruenroeng however who now march on towards chasing a medal at the Olympics.

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