Anthony Joshua Deletes Initial Muhammad Ali Tweet

The rising heavyweight star and current IBF heavyweight champion has come in for some flack on Twitter after he initially had posted a tweet that featured a split picture of both him and Ali wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Following the passing of the great Muhammad Ali current fighters the world over took to Twitter to pay their respect and offer their condolences.

Anthony Joshua did this too, but perhaps in a slightly innapropriate way initially, in the eyes of many fans online at least, which prompted the current IBF heavyweight champion to then delete the tweet.

Here’s what he initially tweeted:

Hahaha Anthony Joshua deleted this the tit, he wouldn’t of even been a top 30 contender in Ali’s era.

— Josh Woogs (@JoshWoogs) June 4, 2016

This tweet in now not available on Joshua’s Twitter profile. Perhaps more than anything it was just a bit of a PR faux pas on Joshua’s part, in fairness.

He later tweeted this out:

He was and still is an inspiration to so many. RIP the greatest ?

— Anthony Joshua (@anthonyfjoshua) June 4, 2016

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