Where Shannon Briggs’ Lets Go Champ Catchphrase Came From

The heavyweight has won the hearts of many UK fight fans for his likable personality since arriving on British shores in recent weeks and his “Lets Go Champ!” catchphrase has become synonymous with the Brooklyn man.


As of yet, the 44 year old Briggs is still looking for a date for his next in ring test, with strong speculation recently pointing to a possible appearance on an Eddie Hearn show after the pair met with Briggs’ team, in an intriguing behind the scenes interview with IFL TV a few weeks back.

He’s also been linked to a possible appearance on the undercard of David Haye’s next show in the 02 Arena next month, and the American has said he recently passed a brain scan which in theory could be a big step towards the British Boxing Board of Control granting him a license to box professionally in the UK.

Briggs has been doing the media rounds in entertaining fashion as of late, and one particularly good interview came recently when he sat down with Steve Bunce and Barry Jones on BoxNation to reveal where the phrase “Let’s go champ!” really came from.

As it turns out, the phrase started as a motivational tool for Briggs after he blew up to 400lbs after he lost to Vitali Klitschko, following which he ended up getting a job for a number of years but had grown depressed from inactivity and had issues with anxiety and depression.

He then hooked up with his nephew Craig to get back in shape and make a return to boxing. In true Shannon Briggs form, he got himself back into outstanding condition and turned things around.

A lovable new rogue on the British boxing scene. Long live his mantra of positivity: “Lets go champ!”

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