Martin Questions Legitimacy Of Joshua’s Olympic Gold Medal

Fight week is in full swing ahead of Saturday’s IBF heavyweight title fight between Charles Martin and Anthony Joshua, with a little bit of needle between the two now starting to unfold.


As a fight draws close a boxer’s focus narrows and often times so does the trash talk and verbals between the two combatants, perhaps more than anything to hype up a fight.

Whatever the case might be, it’s certainly entertaining for the fans.

Charles Martin and Anthony Joshua previously spoke very respectfully about one another (for the most part) in recent months since the fight was announced, but now some back and forth exchanges are starting to flow.

American Martin believes Joshua is over hyped and spoke candidly with Kugan Cassius of IFL TV on what he thought of his Olympic Gold medal success in 2012:

“He didn’t even win the Gold medal. It was over here in England and they gave it to him. He was blessed a Gold medal, he didn’t even win it. The southpaw from Italy beat him if you watch that fight.”

If any extra motivation was needed for Joshua, this will perhaps act as an extra incentive on top of the already considerable prize on offer of the IBF heavyweight title.

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