7 Things You Might Not Know About Tyson Fury

about tyson fury

Things about Tyson Fury you might now know. He’s the new heavyweight champion of the world, here’s seven things about Tyson Fury you might not know.

Irish Heritage

things you might not know about tyson fury
Image credit: Christopher Thomond/Guardian/Observer

Tyson Fury has long standing ties to Ireland having been born to Irish born-immigrants. He often wears green shorts and gloves to celebrate his Irish heritage during his fights.

His father John originates from Tuam in Co.Galway and Tyson’s mother was born in Belfast.

Fury also boxed regularly in Ireland as an amateur starting out and as a professional, he was added as chief support to Bernard Dunne vs Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym in Dublin’s 02 Arena back in 2009.

Fury has often said throughout his professional career that he would become the first Irish man to win a heavyweight title in almost 100 years, since an another son of Irish-born immigrants Gene Tunney did 89 years ago – when he defeated the great Jack Dempsey (who had some Irish blood in him too but was more Irish-American than first generation) over 10 exciting rounds in Philadelphia.

He’s kept his word.

Where His Name Came From

things you might not know about tyson fury
Image credit: Rollingstone.com

His father John once described it as a “rainy night” in August 1988 when referring to the birth of his son. When he arrived at the hospital, the doctor when asking him what he would be naming his, son got this response:

“I’m naming him after the heavyweight champion of the world – Mike Tyson.”

The doctor laughed, to which John sternly replied:

“His name’s Tyson.”

A Tiny Baby

things you might not know about tyson fury
Image credit: Lifenews.com

Despite his mammoth size as a man today in 2015 standing 6 feet 9 inches, when he was born, he actually only weighed one single pound.

He was very premature as a baby and there were early health scares early on in his childhood as a result, which he quickly shook off however as he continued to grow.

Enjoys A Random Knees Up

things you might not know about tyson fury
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He works like a Trojan when he’s in training camp for a fight, but he’s been known to indulge in alcoholic beverages at some strange times in the past, having a healthy love for the sauce in between camps.

During a pre-fight press conference with UK heavyweight Dereck ‘Delboy’ Chisora in their second encounter, Fury infamously flipped over the top table and stormed out of the press conference at the time.

Not many realise he actually high-tailed it out of there straight to the pub around the corner for a few pints to cool off at the time, while the British media were left wondering what had just happened, in what was dubbed by some at the time as ‘Flip Gate’.

Can Be Unassuming In Person

Image credit: Sky Sports
Image credit: Sky Sports

I remember meeting Tyson in a hotel lobby in Dublin back in early 2011, on the day of the Willie Casey vs Guillermo Rigondeaux super-bantamweight world title fight at the time.

It was before he got his first ever short at UK boxing rival (at the time) Dereck Chisora in what was a highly mooted fight for him by the British media. However having spoke to him on the much anticipated fight, he very quietly told me:

“Don’t worry, we’ll get him, don’t worry.”

And indeed he did – later that summer.

What struck me was how softly spoken and polite the man was in real life, despite what you might see in and around his big fights on television and the media, as pertaining to his more extroverted nature.

His Father Previously Done Extended Jail Time

things you might not know about tyson fury
Image credit: Vice.com

His father and former trainer John Fury served a prison term in the past for gouging out a man’s eye in a bitter street brawl, that went back to a 12 year grudge.

However, despite been given 11 years at the time by the court, his father was released this year after serving 5 years of the term for good behaviour, and clearly a reformed man.

John has been a huge driving force in Tyson’s life and his return to his son’s life was clearly a positive thing as the two were side by side in Tyson’s moment of glory in Germany.

His Uncle and Trainer’s Past With The Law

things you might not know about tyson fury
Image credit: The Fight City

His uncle and current trainer Peter also had past trouble with the law when growing up. When Tyson was travelling to the States a few years back to fight Steve Cunningham in Madison Square Garden in New York, visa issues for entering the country cropped up for Peter when trying to enter the country as a result.

Many, many years ago at this stage, Peter served two jail terms – one for possession and conspiracy to supply amphetamine and a later charge of drug-related money laundering.

However, that is a distant memory of the past today in 2015, with Peter Fury respected as not only one of the best trainers in the world of boxing, but one of it’s most respected characters too, due to his straight talking, approachable and honest nature.