UK Middleweight Deano Gillen Previews Klitschko vs Fury

British middleweight boxer, Dean Gillen is favouring the youth and stature of the ‘Gypsy King’ (24-0) over the dominance and experience of Doctor Steelhammer (64-3) this weekend in Germany.


The heavyweight title still gets people talking

The super-fight is attracting worldwide attention and with colourful character, Tyson Fury involved there is no end to the entertainment and every passing day in the build-up is like watching a soap opera unfold!

From his Batman antics in press conferences to serenading his opponent with Bette Midler songs, this fight promises the excitement that the heavyweight division has lacked for some time.

The Fighting Fireman, 33-years-old from Nottingham, delivered his verdict on the heavyweight action this weekend:

“In a few day’s time, Britain could be proudly boasting boxing’s biggest prize with yet another world champion in Tyson Fury.

The odds are stacked against him but the British public shouldn’t be. He’s the underdog, for sure, I’ve seen the betting odds, but Britain should back their man!

I’m not sitting on the fence for this one, I’m predicting an unlikely upset from the British boxing, trash-talking, all-singing super-hero!”

Deano Gillen Previews Klitschko vs Fury

Sizable task

“I appreciate the magnitude of the task that Tyson faces as Klitschko is a remarkable champion and has dominated for well over a decade.

I can also see why Fury fancies the job. Wladimir has a predictably efficient and robotic style, whereas Batman, however, is anything but predictable!

David Haye, who has chosen the days preceding this fight to announce his next opponent in his latest of comebacks, was much smaller in stature and mistakenly thought his blistering speed was the key to victory. Wladimir proved unanimously that speed alone was not enough.

Fury carries his feet well for a 6ft 9” genuine heavyweight giant, and this might be the difference.

Klitschko won’t be able to physically bully Fury, as he did with Haye. The Mancunian’s effective footwork will ensure that he avoids the Ukranian’s typical ‘jab and grab’ style that so any others have succumbed to.

Fury certainly plays up for the cameras but behind the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’s’ crazy antics resides an intelligent man.

For me, his boxing brain, ability and tactical aptitude get overlooked, possibly as a consequence of his outlandish outbursts that have seen him fined heavily by the BBBofC on occasions.”

Deano’s call

“Everything that the slightly wacky, unbeaten Briton has said tactically has been spot on for me, except the bit where he KO’s the heavyweight king, I think that’s more mind games! If Tyson is to stop Klitschko, it will most likely be down to a cut.

The Manc can win, if he manages to evade the Doctor’s jab and counter with clever combo’s to ensure that he consistently outworks the man from Kiev throughout the 12-round contest.

He certainly won’t be steaming in there hoping to catch Klitschko cold, Tyson’s too clever for that and knows that his foe is the consummate professional and vastly more experienced.

A late KO either way could happen though, this is heavyweight boxing after all! A knockout in the championship rounds is most likely to occur when both men tire and there’s a hug fest, both boxers trying to step off in order to land the big one!

Something that the Klitschko, who is undefeated in his last 11 years and 22 fights, has done on numerous world title defences, but never against a fighter as tenacious as Tyson.

I wish my fellow Brit every bit of luck! Bring back those belts!”

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