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Fury Says Klitschko Will Be One Of His Easiest Fights

The final week’s press conference took place a short time ago in Dusseldorf Germany, just a few days away from Saturday’s massive heavyweight title clash between reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko and UK challenger Tyson Fury.


After the usual introductory messages that accompany boxing press conferences, some interesting remarks were made today in Germany – ahead of this weekend’s huge stadium clash in front of 60,000 fans.

Fury at one point almost jokingly, although it was hard to tell, said:

“I’ve never feel this way before a fight. The cameras and people here are making me nervous.”

He quickly then dismissed the notion with a smile, although Wladimir admitted:

“I’m always nervous before my fights, it’s a normal thing.”

Fury looked very assured, in excellent condition throughout proceedings, with his confidence almost palpable with the remark:

“This may surprise some people, but I think this will actually be one of my easiest fights.”

An interesting side story emerged this afternoon also as pertaining to the gloves that will be used by both boxers on the night.

There has been concerns expressed today that the issue with the gloves appears to be that the original gloves that were going to be used were prototypes from a well known boxing gloves supplier, but Fury’s handlers said that the initial gloves sent were different from the gloves that Fury received in the training leading up to the fight, and that they hurt Fury’s thumbs in training according to promoter Mick Hennessy.

From experience though, arguments about gloves usually spark up the week of these big fights, in one last attempt for camps to get under one another skins.

Don’t expect the fight to not go ahead because of this, and expect plenty, plenty more mind games and extroverted quotes before the fight is upon us on Saturday night.

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